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Bright Energy Storage Technologies is the developer of very low cost energy storage systems based on compressed air. Energy from the electric grid, or from an offshore renewable energy source, is used to compress air, which is then stored in either in above ground tanks, or vessels at the bottom of a body of water. Electricity is then generated when the air is released.

Bright Energy storage systems yield dramatic reductions in the net cost and availability of grid-scale energy storage. The above ground tanks can be deployed anywhere, while the ultra-low cost underwater vessels can be deployed offshore, in lakes, and in many reservoirs. 

Storing air at hydrostatic pressure, in equilibrium with the surrounding water allows the use of thin-walled storage vessels, and simpler, more reliable compressors. A simple, proprietary reversible air compressor runs at near-constant temperature and the heat of compression is stored in water and is restored during expansion of the air, eliminating the need for fossil fuel.

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